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It is the art where the blacksmith or the welder shape the metal, using fire and a hammer, to elaborate objects of iron or steel.
Its origin is very antique, according to the archaeological testimonies. This art, used by other civilizations, has evolved to unforeseen limits along the history.


In Chasol we combine art, design, colour and tendency to create exclusive pieces for your home.
The idea of furnishing with forging gave our houses a cold and sober atmosphere is left behind. The artistic forging is full of design, energy, plasticity and movement, and it allows us to make furniture to measure to decorate our rooms with a simple headboard or with a marvellous canopy bed. We have to point out that our dining rooms are optically lighter with a forging table on which we will put a piece of glass, as well as the rest of auxiliary tables that we place in our dining rooms.


The metallic furniture will permit us to decorate interior and exterior spaces due to the fact that the iron, depending on the given treatment, will have an excellent behaviour according to resistance and durability.


Consequently, forging is an excellent allied to have into account for our homes decoration. We will forget the idea of artistic forging only for railing and doors in a unique colour, black. Now, the change has arrived; furniture full of fresh and renovated ideas which are adapted to every style and trend that we will be able to decorate with colour and imagination, with a zero maintenance (forget to apply abrasive products) because we only need a cloth or feather duster to clean and maintain it.


Our forge furniture collections are destined for the decoration of all kinds of stances, apartments, flats, chalets, country houses…
Our craftsmen are genuine experts in this antique profession in which we combine design, technology and the latest decoration tendencies.


The design piece of furniture cannot relinquish the colour. Because of that the forging admit different finish, all of them handcrafted made. This makes the iron furniture  unique pieces.



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